How I work

How is the cooperation going?

  1. After sending the request, I will send an estimate of the price and the date of possible creation of the work.

  2. If you agree with the price, I will send an advance invoice for 50% of the estimated price. After paying for it, I will start work.

  3. After the final approval and proofreading of the graphics, I will send the final invoice. After paying for it, I will hand over the ordered data to you.

    The estimated price includes one correction within 1 hour of free time. For more corrections, I send an estimate of the price for more work.

Is it possible to meet personally?

I do not provide personal meetings for small-scale orders (business cards, leaflets, onepage web, etc.). We can call and solve everything over the phone, but due to time constraints, another contact is not possible.


When it´s about some bigger order, such as an
e-shop, corporate identity, creation of a visual for the entire campaign, it is possible to agree on a short meeting within Prague.

How will be the price?

The price depends on the assignment. For an exact free calculation, please contact me.

Hour rate
400 - 450 CZK / hour
(I m not VAT payer)

How long can I expect the proposal?

Creation of the order depends on the agreement. The standard time is 3 working days. However, I understand that someone needs to have an order immediately. Therefore, for an additional fee of 50% of the agreed price, you can have the order ready by the morning, if its complexity is within 6 hours of work.